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TOP 9 - Netherlands, Breda - Market hall in Rotterdam

Searching for great coffee in an impressive building and food stands with virtually every kind of dish you could imagine? Then you should definitely visit the “Markthal” in Rotterdam! Due to the fact that Rotterdam is Netherland’s city of architecture the market hall’s design in shape of a giant airplane hangar and huge glass facades is cutting edge. With great colourful panels on its ceiling and walls the interior is one-of-a-kind. 

A trip to Rotterdam is not solely due to the popular “Markthal” a must-do in the Netherlands. You can go everywhere very easily by foot or bike. If you inform yourselves beforehand, you can rent bikes for the whole weekend at a good price. So why not discover the south of Rotterdam with its street food and Craft Beer locations? Obviously, in Rotterdam you get food en masse. 

Moreover, the harbour offers an interesting hotspot, you could take a harbour tour and with some luck, you will come across huge container ships. In addition, you can go shopping on Sundays. That is why a weekend trip is highly recommendable. 

So grab your bags and enjoy the quick trip to Rotterdam!

How to get there: It takes you 45-60 minutes with a car or 90 minutes by train which is also very reliable.

Thank you, Erik Hille, for sharing this recommendation with me!


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