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TOP 8 - France, Paris: Tout autour du pain

The best tip for living an authentic Parisian lifestyle  is taking a walk (instead of taking the Metro). You will be surprised of what the unique streets of France’s capital offer. Strolling through Le Marais may be one of the best things to do at any time. When in Le Marais why not having a picnic at Places des Vosges? You couldn’t be more Parisian than going there for a picnic and enjoying the sun with a croissant in your hand. 

Therefore, of course, a must-have for picnic is food. The best bakery and a real insider tip in Le Marais is “Tout Autour du Pain”.  They offer the best croissants and baguettes in town. Actually this very français boulangerie won a lot of awards. 

Why don’t you try a legendary croissant aux amandes (croissant with almonds)? And what’s more, owing to the fact that “Tout Autour du Pain” is a real insider tip, you won’t see any tourists but locals.

Thank you Ann-Katrin Hondelink for sharing your thoughts and experiences with me!


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