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TOP 7 - East Carolina, Greenville

Are you searching for true team spirit and unlimited sports opportunities? Then you should definitely visit the Student Recreation Center on the campus in Greenville, NC! The facility with its 14,000 square meters with indoor as well as outdoor sporting equipment makes sports dreams come true. The Center offers various opportunities to push oneself: an indoor and outdoor pool, a weight lifting and fitness area, three fitness studios, an indoor running track, an eight meter tall climbing wall, only to name a few. With its commitment to learning skills associated with physical, social, emotional and mental well being, the ECU Recreation Center encourages a work-life balance for every student. While being supported to enhance your individual potential you simultaneously are provided with a leadership development that you can apply in your studies and future job.

Sounds good? Then go ahead and take part in the introductory event in order to make your own experience!

Thank you Sina Scharei for sharing this tip with me!


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