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TOP 6 South Africa, Durban: Exploring Lesotho and the Drakensberg

For those of you who think that there could not exist a bigger culture shock than South Africa itself, this insider tip will be a real surprise. Could you imagine a second, even more intense culture shock than going to Durban? No? Then you should definitely visit Lesotho and make your own unforgettable experience! Imagine green landscapes and small rivers at a temperature of approximately 17 degrees Celsius.. Doesn’t sound South African? Probably that sounds rather like the picture of your Windows background.

And it’s true: Undoubtedly Lesotho is a different world. Drakensberg is the highest mountain region, which encloses the South African plateau. It is located in South Africa as well as in Lesotho. If you want to explore it, you can take a Jeep starting at the bottom of the mountain at a temperature of 35 degrees. When arriving at an elevation of approximately 2000 to 3000 meters it gradually gets colder and much windier. So make sure you don’t forget your jacket and a scarf at least! Moreover, while hiking the Drakensberg, you will see a way of living that you will have never seen before, neither in South Africa, nor anywhere else in the world: cottages and poverty. Lesotho is one of the poorest countries in the world. Simultaneously you will be able to talk to the people and buy manufactured goods such as necklaces or tiny, colorful baskets. Unquestionably, this nature and way of living will be a contrast you have never seen before.

Don’t miss a chance of getting to know the “Mountain Kingdom in the sky”!

How to get there:

You can take a road trip to Lesotho with your friends, which approximately takes nine hours. First of all, you drive two hours to Underberg. Due to the fact that there only exist two streets to Lesotho, you will then drive on one of them, the Sani Pass, for a very long time. In the end you will arrive the mountain region of Lesotho.

Thank you Déborah Herter for sharing this impressing experience with me!


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