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TOP 4, America, Florida: Surfing lessons at Deerfield Beach

Do you want to have a real American experience in Florida? Then you should definitely go surfing at Deerfield Beach. This hotspot will surprise those of you who think that surfing being a typical thing in Florida is not a true insider tip. Not only because of the fact that the beach is near to the campus and the weather is good anytime, but also because on Saturday mornings you can join a surfing lesson for free! You neither need any equipment (it is included) nor any skills.

And the best thing about the lessons: they are meant for beginners, so you don’t need any experience in order to feel like a real American surfer. Moreover, Deerfield Beach offers awesome waves. That is why you will find many locals surfing there as well.

How to get there:

Due to the poor public transportation, you should rather take an Uber. Then it will only take you 15 minutes from university to Deerfield Beach.

Thank you Nicole Tobisch for this awesome tip!


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