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TOP 2 England, Newcastle: The Alchemist

Have you ever wanted to be a real scientist, mixing colorful and hazardous liquids?

At this hotspot, you are able to be barman and laboratory assistant rolled into one.

Sounds weird? I cannot imagine a better thing to do than mixing my own drink while feeling like a real scientist!

The Alchemist in Newcastle gives you the chance to have a great and unforgettable evening experience with your friends. Why not enjoy a “Smokey Old Fashioned” or “Tickle Me Pink” (or both)?

For those of you who like to go out for dinner, the Alchemist also offers a variety of food. You can choose between Breakfast & Brunch, Starters & Sharing, Burgers, Salads, various main courses and desserts. The menu also provides a huge range of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

I could not imagine a better hotspot for a unique evening experience!

Where to find the location:

The Alchemist is not far from the typical river of Newcastle, the Tyne.

You can find it in the City Centre, next to the subway station “Monument”, with plentiful other bus stations nearby.

Thank you, Alina Lindner, for sharing this super cool hotspot with me!


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