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An Interview with Patricia Humber

This was the first interview I have ever had in my life. Therefore, I was very excited when the appointment was made. Then, on the day of the interview itself, Patricia and I had some pretty funny struggles finding each other. We were both waiting in the lobby of accadis, but for some reason we could not see each other. So, we were both sitting there, waiting for quite a long time until Patricia stood up and found me. It was a very funny start, which made it easy talking to each other. We immediately got along well and had a nice talk, which I do not want to withhold from you.

Patricia about herself

“I am Patricia Humber, I am 25 years old. Uganda is where I am from, it is in Africa, East-Africa and it is totally different. I lived and grew up in the capital city of Uganda, Kampala. I studied there, my entire life revolved around the city. I moved to Frankfurt recently, in September, for my master studies. For my bachelor´s degree I was back home in Uganda. I only graduated last year, 2017, as a lawyer. But, in another life I would have loved to do journalism, interviewing, writing articles, editing – I love editing articles. Recently I asked myself if there is something I would love to do, something I am so passionate about that I would do even if I am not being paid, and this is it for me; and actually, that is why I decided to participate in this interview.”

How was your life before accadis?

“Well first, I was not so happy about the period of waiting between my bachelor and master studies, but time flew very fast. In this period of I lived at the border of France and Switzerland, close to Geneva. I was there for quite a couple of months on holidays. My sister works in Geneva but lives in France, so we were basically in between. I love Geneva because it is so beautiful. But something in Zurich made me thinking. We also visited Zurich often and one time I had an interesting experience at the train station. I saw two men fighting. At first, I couldn’t understand whether it was a real fight or not since no one paid attention and everyone was on their phone. When the police came, I realized that a robbery or something related was happening. No one cared and that gave me an impression. This place is so different from where I come from. People would intervene, even before the police comes, trying to save the hurt ones.”

How did you come across accadis?

“Well, I knew that I wanted to do my masters. Initially, like I said, I love journalism and communication, I wanted something along those lines. But then my options were really limited because I had a law background. And therefore not many universities could take me for my masters in another field of study. My first option was Switzerland next to my sister, but still, I did not have many options with a totally different background. So, somehow, I found accadis. Actually, in Germany I had two options, a university in Berlin and accadis, that I had to choose from. Remember, I just told you that I really wanted to start something? First of all, communication is really important. When I compared the two universities, here at accadis it was much more helpful. They really make you feel welcome, they show you that they want you to come. It is just so different here. The international office really showed interest in international students joining accadis. Personally, the touch of care is what made me wait those months.”

If you could change anything regarding your master studies is there anything you would change?

“When we did the pre-course, we had to do exams before being taught, and I think that is just not right. I do understand the idea of this course, but you come in with no idea of business and management and you have to do an exam before you are taught. You are only taught after the exam and I found it really awkward. I tried to read this stuff, but I could not comprehend it. If I could change that, I would. I did not do well and the preparation to the FFS, the pre-course, could be better. Since not only the field I come from but also the mode of teaching is completely different. I like it, but I need some time to adjust to it. So, the first thing you have to do after coming here, was to prove yourself, which I did not like.”

What makes studying in Germany at accadis different for you?

“Firstly, like I said the mode of teaching. I like that it is very practical. I never had the chance to do something like this, since everything is theoretical where I come from. You never get to actually do it. So, I like the practicality in the studies. I also like the fact that the professors I have met so far are so good, so approachable. You can always send an e-mail and get a response. This makes studying fun, as well as the people make my studies fun. First of all, I was afraid whether I would fit in. But my classmates are all extremely friendly and welcoming, which made it easy and comfortable for me. Back home, it was a private university as well, but we were so many. After five years I did not even know all the people.”

Do you already have a favourite spot in Frankfurt?

“Well, basically I went shopping in Frankfurt, but I do live in Bad Homburg. There is not a favourite spot, but personally, I really love the “Kurpark”. Just sitting and listening to musicians. I rather sit by the park than going out dancing.”

Was there a special experience you have had so far here in Germany or at accadis?

“I have not been this happy in a while, but last weekend I met three other girls from my country and I was so happy, happy, happy! We talked for so long and somehow it made me miss home, but it also made me feel at home. Knowing that you are not alone here, there are people you can always run to, who understand the actual differences. It was the first time we met, but we bonded.”

Do you already know where you want to go after accadis? Is there anything you dream about in your future?

“Ideally, I want to work with an international organisation, for instance Global Funds. Initially I would like to become a consultant. After my studies in Germany I will definitely apply to various organisations. For instance, I like what Global Funds does. Sending funds and helping people in African countries that are struggling with diseases. I want to be a part of something like that.”

Do you prefer any specific country for work?

I want to stay in Europe since my sister lives here and I am really close to her. I like Germany and if I can find work here, I will definitely stay. There are two reasons, that would make me stay in Germany: work or love. But most importantly, where work will send me, I will go.

Speaking personally…

…I really enjoyed talking to Patricia, my first interview. I am always interested in the story behind a person, especially when they had a long journey from their hometown or home country to get to Frankfurt. This interview showed me once again, that it is so easy and enriching to start a conversation with someone foreign. To me, Patricia is strongly connected with her sister and her home country as well. Family values and the connection to her origin play a big role in her life. Thanks heaps Patricia, I am sure you will make your way!

Fabienne Hack


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