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TOP 5 China, Qingdao: Nightmarket Taidong

Street food markets in China are a must-see and must-try! In Qingdao exists a market at night, called Taidong. Here you will find a huge supply: Everything from household goods, clothing or the popular street food. In order to make your experience in Qingdao a real Chinese one you definitely have to taste the typical dishes. So why don’t try dumplings, beetles or chicken feet? You will also find offal from ducks, which is a real delicacy. It really is not that bad as it sounds! For the more afraid ones Taidong also offers delicious noodles and vegetable wraps. Altogether you pay one to four Euros for a meal. Moreover, at Taidong you do not only find stands with food but also various shops and little restaurants, as well as Walmart and other shopping streets. While strolling through the market, you are surrounded by houses that are painted with lots of colors, which supports the vivid effect from all sides.

How to get there:

Taidong is very central. From the university, it is a 20 minutes bus right. Due to the very good and cheap public transportation, you can get there for 1 Yuan (approximately 15 cents).

Thank you, Alicia Fuchs, for sharing your tips and experiences with me!


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