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TOP 1 Finland, Helsinki: Snowman Glass Resort in Lapland

How to make the most out of a northern experience? It is really no question that you have to visit the Snowman Glass Resort in Lapland. Rovaniemi offers a true arctic nature experience. You could observe the dance of the Northern Lights while enjoying yourself in a hot tub and glass houses. Or you could experience the Arctic Circle by joining an Aurora floating tour. Starting in the evening you are brought to an isolated lake. With a special outfit that keeps your body warm, you are lying in the water, observing the night sky with its stars and polar lights.

If that’s not enough, the ice restaurant and ice bar does not only offer a unique dinner experience but serves locally sourced Lappish ingredients. Why not try the reindeer tenderloin in a traditional malty reindeer sauce?

I could not imagine a more unique and truer northern experience!

How to get there:

Either you take a 12-hour ride by train, which is at night.

Or you take the 40 minutes flight.

Thank you Etienne Lagaly for sharing this awesome insider tip with me!


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